September, an intense month

September is always an intense month for our students. The return from vacation, the reunion with classmates, the Zinemaldi, the pedagogical concert, the swimming course… and in addition, we were able to enjoy the first excursion of the school year. 

We had a great time and learned a lot of things! Each course has done a different activity: we visited the mines of Arditurri, we traveled to the past visiting the cave of Ekainberri, we did paddle surfing, games in Zubieta.

The 3rd grade students, in Ekainberri, have seen how they lived in prehistoric times, how they made fire and their magnificent paintings. 

The 4th grade students visited the Arditurri mines, located in Peñas de Aia. Its exploitation dates back to the time of the Roman Empire and during the visit we were told the whole story. It was really interesting. 

The students of the third cycle of primary school have been the most adventurous, and they have done a water sport. They have enjoyed the sea in a fun way and the weather has accompanied them, nobody wanted to leave the paddle surf board!

Finally, we celebrated Father Andrés Coindre’s day with a special lunch, games, fellowship and lots of laughter among friends to end the month.


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