Exchange students: Danimarka eta Italia


Between the 16th and 24th February, we have done an exchange with a Danish boarding school. Those days we have lived together with some students.

During the weekend, we went to our partner’s house and we stayed there 3 days, with their families.

We have done different activities, such as, visiting Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus, the 3 biggest cities in Denmark.

It has been an incredible experience where we have had the chance of learning a different culture, ways of living… and so on. And of course, we also have improved our English!

We are looking forward to see them again.


Students of 1st Bachelor have participated in an exchange with a school in Italy during the last week of February. It has been a very positive experience from human, cultural, and academic point of view. They have spoken in English, have lived and shared a few days with the Italian families and have visited places of interest in Rome and surroundings.

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