Solidarity Week 2020-2021


This year we have been able to carry out and celebrate once again this important initiative that we call “Solidarity Week”!

This new situation in which we live has radically changed the world and has meant that the socio-economic inequalities that existed before have become more pronounced in different corners of the world. Faced with this, all of us who form part of the Corazonista Community (families, teachers, brothers…), this year, we have increased our passion and responsibility in the face of this problem.

In this edition, all the money received is being sent to the Corazonista Foundation so that it can be given to those most in need. Among others, to the teacher training college in Yurimaguas, in the Peruvian jungle, and to the student residence of Brother Policarpo.

The activities carried out this year, conditioned by the circumstances, have been the sandwich and the solidarity envelope.

Next year we hope to be able to carry out other activities that we have carried out in recent years. However, we have really enjoyed the activities we have carried out, thank you very much for your response and participation!

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