Drum March 2022


If there is an important date for the people of San Sebastian, it is the 20th of January. This is a very special date for us when the city marches to the sound of the drum. Sometimes we say that we get “our heads like a bass drum” but it is worth listening to the drums and barrels again.

At Mundaiz school we experience it in a doubly special way: by taking part in the school tamborrada and in the Children’s Tamborrada that marches through the city.

In the school tamborrada, we have a parade in which all the Infant and Primary pupils take part. The playground is filled with cooks who parade to the sounds of Sarriegi. We prepare this tamborrada with our teachers, so that we can dedicate it with all our affection to the families who come to see us in the playground. These last two years, they have had to watch it on video due to the coronavirus, but we hope to be able to resume this custom next year.

On the other hand, some of our students are proud to parade in the Children’s Tamborrada, playing drums and barrels through the streets of our beautiful city. In addition, this year we have been given the privilege of playing some very important characters in the Children’s Tamborrada. Some of our pupils have been part of the float of “La bella Easo” being its ladies, the mayor, notary, citizen, iñude, artzai, batelera, arrantzale, hilandera, merchant and the carriage with its six palafreneros/as that this year due to the Covid, have been walking. The Bella Easo and their helpers were dressed in their best clothes, with long capes, and they have set the bar very high, as they have represented us phenomenally! And finally the general and his assistant, who normally go on horseback, but this year it wasn’t possible.

We were very excited, as the last time we had this honour was in 1998!

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