Escape Hall


At Mundaiz school we are very aware of the waste problem and we have participated in the Eskape Klima contest, organized by Emmaus, to find a solution to this problem. Our participation began by going to their facilities to carry out an escape-hall that they had prepared for us at the Emmaus Foundation. After our visit, we recorded a video about the dangerous climate change and days later we carried out several activities at school with them. Finally, we were told that we had won and that the prize was to spend the night in a rural house in Aia, a small town near Zarautz. We were very excited!

On March 31 we arrived at the house where we were going to live for the first time this year with all the classmates together, but on the other hand, we all knew that we would not sleep much. During our stay, we did several fun activities, such as going down to the next town to buy what we needed and then making dinner with our own hands, each one a different dish. Finally, it was time to go home, but not before visiting Tabakalera to learn about the different projects being carried out there. We learned how to shred plastic to turn it into chairs, plates, etc. and we took home a souvenir keychain and a plaque for our class. We also learned about the Precious Plastic community, who create different projects to convert used plastic into new objects.

This experience has stayed with us as a nice souvenir that will help us in our goal of trying to curb climate change.

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