Environmental schools

After two years of interruption, the primary school students returned to the environmental schools. This activity lasts two days and its objective is to get to know different villages in Navarra or the Basque Country. There they have the opportunity to carry out different activities. The 3rd grade students went to the Arritxulo shelter in Oiartzun, the 4th grade students to Beintza-Labaien, the 5th grade students to Hondarribia and the 6th grade students from Zarautz to the Igerain shelter.

There they saw the history of the town and the most important places. They watched birds, went into caves, made talos, surfed and did stand up paddle among many other things.

The weather was fine for most of the stay and it didn´t rain until we returned.

For the students it is a great opportunity to enjoy our culture and traditions outside the classroom and spend a night away from home with all their classmates.

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