Swimming course

Second grade students have participated in the swimming course that Donostia Kirola organizes every year. Every afternoon for 4 weeks, our students took their backpacks to go by bus to the Paco Yoldi sports center. There they put on their swimsuits, hats, flip-flops and goggles to start the course together with their instructors. The first few days they needed more help from their teachers to organize their clothes, but as the days went by their autonomy improved.

The best part was being in the water doing various exercises. They have used floatation bars, small boards and Pull buoys. But the best part of all were the days when they were allowed to play games and go down the foam slide.

All students have done this activity with great interest and enthusiasm.

The result has been very positive: they have enjoyed and learned to swim in a very fun way!

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