Welcome 2023

The Christmas vacations are over and we have started the new year with great enthusiasm.

We have been able to enjoy a few days of rest with the family. We have had the visit of Olentzero and opened many gifts. And despite having enjoyed the holidays, we also wanted to see our friends again, to tell them some Christmas anecdotes and to share what the Olentzero has brought us.

We were also looking forward to starting school again because this term we have a lot of new learning, activities, celebrations?
In a few days we will celebrate the Day of San Sebastian. For this we will make a tamborrada in the schoolyard and also, this year we can invite our parents!

At the end of the month we have the celebration of Peace Day, we also have the solidarity campaign and interesting visits such as the road safety police, the visit to Anoeta (Amets bat), workshops in Cristina Enea, educational concerts… And we will end the trimester with a field trip!

How can we not be looking forward to going back to school!

Happy new year and happy term to all!!!!

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