LIGHT TABLE: art, science and play

Light naturally attracts children and transforms materials, giving them a new dimension.

The light table is a pedagogical, methodological and creative resource. The magic of light awakens curiosity, stimulates the senses, free play and imagination, and encourages observation and sensory research.

It is a surface with a luminous base that allows them to experiment in a sensory way by making their own artistic creations or using it for any type of guided activity or game invented by them.


  • Increases children’s curiosity.
  • Facilitates attention and concentration in activities.
  • Encourages free play and imagination.
  • Many activities of very different themes can be carried out, which, being full of color and manipulation, reach a new dimension.
  • The sensory stimulation in the light table reaches many levels by experimenting in different senses.
  • Relaxation and enjoyment. The atmosphere created when the light table is turned on is a very special environment.
  • It facilitates academic learning.
  • Chromatic experimentation.

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