It seems that the value of effort is not fashionable today in our society. Today’s society seeks “immediacy”, to get what I want “now”, without investing too much time, dedication or effort. We want to achieve everything as soon as possible, to savor it in the short term: in studies, in the economy, in relationships, in the family, in politics, in personal life.


This is leading us to be “soft”, “fragile”, “uncommitted” and, in many cases, “weak” people. Accustomed to obtain with little effort what we propose, when difficulties arise (life brings them with it), we collapse, we suffer episodes of anxiety, depression, impotence…


Fortunately, we also have many examples of people who strive every day to be better people, better professionals, to be better trained, to offer others the best of themselves, to try to put at the service of others what they can contribute to the common good. 

This is what we want to transmit to you and help you, as far as possible, to make your own in life. Effort, perseverance, perseverance, discipline… will help you to be a better person, to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, to fight for what is important to you. The road is longer, nobody said it was easy, but the results are superior, the satisfaction greater and much more lasting.

Effort is a value that does not come from birth. It requires training. Like many other things, it is learned and acquired as one tries to put it into practice every day.

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