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The baccalaureate stage is a decisive one for all pupils. It is a stage in which they reach maturity, where they look for and dream about their future and where they begin to choose what kind of professionals they want to be. That is why, at Mundaiz, we are clear that it is very important to offer them a complete academic training and personalised monitoring. 


To this end, we offer a wide range of courses that combine academics with the integral and personal development of each student, promoting individual interiority and teamwork. All this so that everyone develops the necessary skills to have a successful future.



With Technical Drawing, Industrial Technology and Programming as subjects, this option offers students an insight into the world of industrial companies, design, architecture, computing and engineering, among others.



With Biology, Scientific Culture, Anatomy and Laboratory Techniques at the centre of this option. With these subjects, we help our students to gain an insight into the health sector. Future doctors, oral hygienists or physiotherapists, among others, will come from here.



Economics, Entrepreneurship, World Literature or History are some of the subjects of this modality. Aimed at all those who are interested in the world of marketing, business management, education, politics, etc. A branch that touches on all the social sciences. 


Mundaiz’s commitment to languages is clear: they are the future! That is why it offers multilingual training


We are model D from Infant to Baccalaureate. That is why all pupils obtain a B2 level certificate at the end of the stage.

Likewise, in Basque classes, pupils are prepared for level C1.


Erasmus+ de intercambio con países de la Unión project for exchange with European Union countries.

English conversation assistants.

Oxford Examination Centre.


Offered from 1stESO to 2ndBACCALAUREATE. In this way students can leave with a B1 level. In addition to the classes we offer: EtWinning virtual projects and playful activities to practice the language. 

Teaching Team

The teaching staff at Mundaiz are people who are committed to their work and to their students. They are in constant training in order to offer their students the most complete and up-to-date training. In addition, all the teaching staff are certified as Google educators, which makes the integration of new technologies in the classroom a daily occurrence.

Equipo docente

High School Timetable

1st Baccalaureate

Monday-Thursday: 8:00-15:10 ;

Friday: 8:00 a 14:15

2nd Baccalaureate

Monday-Wednesday: 8:00-15:10 ; 

Thursday-Friday: 8:00-14:15

2023-2024 Calendar

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Text Books

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High School: Tutors

1 AEdurne Azconaedurne@gmundaiz.com
1 BMaitane Bertimaitane@gmundaiz.com
2 AHaritz Aranburuharitz@gmundaiz.com
2 BLuis Felipe Irigoyenirigoyen@gmundaiz.com

Projects, plans and experiences

We opt for a personalised, active and creative pedagogy where the pupil can develop as the architect of his or her education and future, in a climate of freedom, respect and trust.



From Infant Education, in Mundaiz, time is dedicated to the pupils learning to listen to themselves, to stop and think about what they are and what they want to be. To this end, some of the teaching staff are trained in different mindfulness techniques to work on this aspect with adolescents, and guide them in various sessions, in small groups, throughout the school year, to experience this interiority



Every year we go on several excursions, so that the students can get to know each other outside the classroom, share other types of experiences and experience other activities. These are days full of laughter, in which teachers also have the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a different way and to learn and get to know their pupils better. 


Pupils are offered different opportunities to spend time volunteering.

Camino de Santiago

In the summer between 1st and 2nd Baccalaureate students are offered the opportunity to walk part of the Camino de Santiago. It is a very enriching experience on a personal level that allows them to learn to value what is really important in life.


Our school has its own jetty, so the pupils can go canoeing in Gymnastics class.

First aid

 It is clear to us that in order to build a responsible citizenship we must learn to react in all situations. That is why the DYA organization teaches our students to be able to act basically in matters of first aid.

High School Calendar 2022-2023

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