Christmas Festival


The cold weather is coming, the mountain tops are starting to turn white and in Mundaiz we are starting to prepare for the Christmas festival!

This year we also continue with restrictions so that families can come to school to see us perform, so we have decided to make some lively Christmas videos.

Each class has chosen what they wanted to do: song, dance, drama…. And we have been rehearsing for several weeks. The 6th grade students have enjoyed the breaks in a different way, rehearsing and dancing! and the younger ones, accompanied by their teachers, have danced in class and in the assembly hall.

The result has been some wonderful videos that we hope all the families have enjoyed.


In addition, the 1st grade students have taken the opportunity to learn more about Mari Domingi through this story:

Mari Domingi is a character from Basque mythology.

Mari Domingi lives in a hut in the mountains. She is a shepherdess by profession and makes excellent cheeses. She has an apple orchard next to the hut and likes to eat baked apples. She knows the plants and creatures of the forest well, and knows how to use different medicinal plants to cure people. She is an honest and loving woman, and she loves children very much!

Today, Olentzero and Mari Domingi bring gifts for children in the Basque Country. They make many toys themselves because they are good at working with wood.  Mari Domingi together with the Olentzero fill the sack with toys and go down to the village on Christmas Eve, from house to house, to share joy and happiness.


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