Welcome back to school!

Along with September comes the adaptation period for the little ones. Entering school is a big change for both the child and the parents, as the child leaves the family nucleus or the nursery. Until now this has been the space they have known and where they found their references and protection.

Now all this changes and the child will establish new relationships. Although separation from parents may be hard for some at first, everyone gets used to it and accepts it. In addition, the child will develop his or her autonomy and socialization level.

A few tips for adaptation:

  • Adjust the child’s schedule before starting.
  • Try to always have the same person do the adaptation.
  • Avoid phrases such as “if you cry, I’ll go away sad”.
  • Do not extend the time of the farewell.
  • It is convenient not to make other changes at this time.
  • The adult must transmit tranquility to the child.
  • Trust the teacher.

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