Final strech


Although we saw it far away and has not been without effort and heartaches, the adventure of the 2021-2022 course is coming to an end. As every year and depending on the course, there have been two events that have marked the goal: the Selectividad and surfing. 

On June 8, 9 and 10 we took the University Entrance Exam at the Faculty of Economics of the UPV. The schedule of the exams was favorable for us and the truth is that we left with a good taste in our mouths. The colleagues who were more nervous were those whose studies require a high cut-off mark, such as Medicine or the double degrees in Biochemistry + Molecular Biology or ADE + Law. We are confident that the results will be as expected. Hard work is sure to be rewarded.

In that sense, the nerves and the study days were such that there were those among us who, taking advantage of the good weather, finished the exams and went straight to the beach with notes and all. We also heard comments like: “Tonight I’m going to sleep as much as I haven’t slept since September! And no wonder. 

Needless to say, it has been a pleasure to finish this journey together.


For its part, surfing has become the most requested activity by the 1st year high school classmates in recent years. Beyond marking the long-awaited end of the course and the arrival of summer, it was great fun to spend the morning doing pirouettes that almost always ended in a splash.

The morning was divided into a first training on this sport, with basic issues such as rehearsing how we should get up from the board once we caught the wave; and a second part in which we put into practice the previous. Thus, the ones who had the best time were those who had never surfed before but quickly got the hang of it and managed to ride a few waves. In addition, the fact that the rest of the young people from San Sebastian were in class meant that we had the Zurriola practically to ourselves.

Without a doubt, we hope that those who come after us enjoy surfing as much as we did. 

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