Morning Prayer

Following the school’s Christian-heartfelt ideology, we give importance to the morning prayer-reflection. It is a brief moment in which teachers and students try to reflect (different themes, lived experiences, daily situations, strong liturgical times, special campaigns, news…) and pray by placing our day and our work in God’s hands.


During the school year we offer both our students and teachers the possibility of participating in different celebrations, some following the liturgical year and others to celebrate the festivities of the heart institution itself. We try to make these celebrations meaningful to our students, prepared with care and appropriate to each educational level.  These are the main ones:

  • Father Andrew Coindre Day: It is usually at the beginning of the school year, on September 30. The day begins with a special celebration and different activities are carried out throughout the day (hamaiketako, outings…).
  • Advent-Christmas: Each stage prepares a celebration for the students in order to welcome this special season.
  • Day of Peace: During the week, prayers and reflection activities are carried out with the students. On January 30, a sign for peace was prepared in the courtyard with the participation of all the students of the school.
  • Lent-Easter: Ash Wednesday and Easter. Each stage prepares its own.
  • Feast of Brother Polycarp: It is a nice day for the students. They are given a special lunch and after the morning celebration, they play games throughout the day. During the week they learn about the life of Brother Polycarp.
  • Mary: In EI and EP we prepare the celebration adapted to each stage. In addition, throughout the month of May the children can bring flowers to offer them to Mary.
  • Feast of the Sacred Heart: Each stage has its own celebration for the Sacred Heart.


Our students participate in different campaigns throughout the school year. All of them have the objective of educating our students in the values that the Ideology of the Center includes in its own Character. These are the main ones:

  • DOMUND: It is a joint awareness campaign with the Diocese and no money is received.
  • Christmas Campaign: As it is time to share Christmas, we receive money and food to take to the Franciscan parish (Caritas). Through it, the students have the opportunity to reflect on the difficulties faced by several families.
  • Solidarity Campaign: The objective is to make visible and raise awareness of the way of life in what we know as the third world.  Throughout two weeks, various actions are carried out (solidarity sandwich, solidarity run…) to receive money that will go specifically to one of the realities of the project of the Corazonistas. 

During the campaigns, there is also a solidarity cart for the collection of food, in which both high school students and teachers participate. Fair trade markets are also organized.


We externalise our prayer by praying together with the rest of our classmates, singing, praying together… We finish with the prayer of Our Father and singing to Mary.

The Oratory activity is carried out throughout Primary Education, always maintaining a method of prayer that can be used by the child for his/her daily prayer.

The Oratory activity aims to provide children with a series of resources and tools for prayer and an encounter with God. We begin with the students in 1st year of Primary Education by going to the Oratory room (a small chapel) once a fortnight in a small group with a catechist and his companion, working on symbols that make us perceive the presence of God in the Oratory; we listen to Jesus who speaks to us in his Word; we simply interiorise what he has told us and we respond to him with the personal prayer of the heart.


After finishing the oratory plan in the 6th year of Primary Education, the pupils begin with the Interiority plan in Secondary and High. The aim of the Interiority plan is to enable the pupils to have moments of relaxation, silence, to meet with themselves, to interact with their own classmates and to open up to transcendence. First of all, we work on the physical and corporal dimension, to know and respect the body, to be grateful for it and to feel it. We also work on the emotions and feelings that each one of us experiences, and we observe others in order to see the same emotions in them. We play, draw, paint, write and are in silence, seeking to connect with what lives inside us.

It is an ambitious plan that completes the integral education of the pupil. Here is the calendar of interiority sessions. In any case, at different times of the day (morning prayer, beginning of class…) there are also small invitations to interiority.

Shared mission team

The SUSTRAIAK group is now in its fourth year at the College. It is a group made up of teachers and former students whose aim is to reflect on the shared mission between Brothers and lay people, strengthen mutual relationships and deepen the charism of Father Andrés Coindre.

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